Welcome To Vibrant Waves

Vibrant Waves International Academy claims to be one of the most modernized schools in Bajwa, Vadodara. There are traces of it from the year 2014.

Vibrant Waves International Academy, Bajwa, has developed very gracefully. The introduction of the MODERN curriculum and teaching patterns since the beginning of the system has added greatly to the development of the School.

2022-23 being the ninth successful academic year, we are running high on number…

The present set up has got pre-primary, primary, upper primary, secondary and higher secondary.

The school ensures a high degree research based pedagogy, teaching style, and assessment pattern. Usage of the technology is to the maximum; various tools used are smart boards, evaluation through tablets, and e assemblies as well.

Learning is enriched through our special lesson plan packets.

Assessment is done via Homework and worksheets that has all the Degree / levels of questions with choices based on their abilities.

Field trip / Tours, guest lectures, celebrations are some of the way to give exposure to outside world with multidimensional aspects that bring the best growth and development to our kids and thus leading towards reputational and global success.

The School has been planned to obtain ease of working and supervision, together with the maximum of light and ventilation; and the classrooms are placed in a position to give the sunniest aspect. All class rooms are air-conditioned.

School safety is of great interest and concern to Educators, Parents, Students and the Community. The School staff works together to make Vibrant Waves International Academy a safe environment to learn and be productive. We encourage the parents to contact the School anytime they have problems and / or concerns.

We Aim in nurturing children to become global achievers for tomorrow’s world…Experiential Learning is our moto… Do drop in at the School Campus to know better!